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Out with the old, in with a fresh, new EcoTextura that focuses on sustainable impact and materials technology. Visit our new site, right here..

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The environmentally-conscious and inclusive solution to medical PPE

The First
CE, UKCA & FDA Certified
Clear-Panoramic Medical Mask
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Proven to be more effective than open-fit, visor-style or small-panel transparent masks, whilst ensuring protection and comfort 

Provides comparable protection to
Type IIR masks
MHRA Registered
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Secure fit



Clear Panoramic 
Medical Face Mask
(Complies with EN 14683:2019, ISO 22610:2006 & BS EN 166:2002/EN 166:2001 testing standards)

EcoTextura proprietary design Clear Panoramic Masks (EN14683 approved)  are the first of its kind; designed to offer a complete and secure fit around the nose, cheeks and chin, as well as transparency from cheek to cheek. They provide comparable protection and source control to Type IIR medical masks.


Our masks improve access to communication via lip-reading and facial expression, for all.

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As seen on Channel News Asia (CNA)

Masks in current supply to the NHS

Clear Panoramic Masks features:


  • Ideal for: those who are deaf and hard of hearing, with a speech impediment, with dementia, learning difficulties, the elderly, children, teachers, carers.. we believe clear masks should be universal, as the list does go on!

  • Fluid-resistant

  • Breathable

  • Single-use

  • CE Certified

  • Latex-free

  • Ideal for hospital settings

  • Flexible design helps our masks form-fit around a larger range of face sizes and shapes

  • Soft elastic binding ensures a closed fit around the face, unlike visor-style masks

  • Passed EN14683 testing for standards comparable to Type IIR rating, ISO 22610:2006 & BS EN 166:2002/EN 166:2001

  • Our unique mask structure allows for effortless lip-reading communication without the mouth area touching the panel

  • Includes adjustable nose clip for a secure fit and glasses friendly - no steamed lenses! 

  • Masks have elasticated earloops for comfortable wear

  • Masks are now available in Standard, Small and Large sizes

Final Lip-reading mask clear - EcoTextur
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About Us
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Under the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19  pandemic we have shifted our priority to providing existing infection control and PPE equipment for healthcare professionals. ​Through reputable ties direct to manufacturers, we cut out the agents in between and deal directly to provide certified, affordably priced face masks, nitrile gloves, gowns, KN95 masks etc to our customers fast.  We have been fulfilling multiple contracts across Corporates, Government, the NHS, and NGO's. 

However, our sustainability goal still stands - we will continue to develop our own eco-friendly PPE product and material range, which we now hope to release at a later date.

Clear-Panel Lip Reading Masks

We value accessibility - whether this be from a design, price or experience viewpoint. Therefore, as soon as we were distributing masks, we identified that a significant number of the population relies heavily, if not solely on lip-reading.  


The environmentally-conscious and affordable solution to medical PPE and hygiene products. 


EcoTextura is revolutionising the PPE and hygiene industry.

We develop and produce our proprietary, forward-thinking and sustainable medical personal protective equipment (PPE) and sustainable nonwoven fabrics, whilst using our vast network of trusted OEMs to supply high-quality, existing PPE products.

This includes masks, hair caps, gowns, shoe covers, wash gloves, nitrile gloves etc. Our mission is to accelerate the transition from the current, linear model of medical accessories - we produce, we dispose, we repeat; depleting our resources and harming the environment a more sustainable model.  We aim to produce efficiently, using minimal amounts of raw materials, water and energy, and consider the circular economy at the heart of our design. 

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A growing number of the people we helped with our Covid Mask Initiative (click here for more info!), were requesting clear panel masks. Immediately, we began sewing masks with a clear PVC panel for carers, those with learning difficulties, the deaf and hard of hearing etc. Here came our decision and commitment to invest in inclusive, clear-panel masks - both reusable (for civilian use) and medical to offer alongside regular masks.  Throughout our development process, we worked closely with deaf societies and communities, as well as NHS Equality heads for their feedback. 

Since then, EcoTextura has had its proprietary design new disposable Type IIR Clear-Panel Masks developed, tested and approved - and has sold to the NHS, private UK hospitals and medical centres, schools, universities, local councils, care homes, charities and NGOs across the UK and Europe.

We are committed to finding ways to help our local communities. Over the past year, alongside day-to-day business and developing new PPE products, we have built a team to produce and distribute FREE clean, home-made reusable 3-ply cotton/poly-cotton face masks for carers, the elderly, and vulnerable people in our local area (Milton Keynes/Bucks) - see news coverage hereWe hope that this reduces the considerable strain on the over-burdened NHS supply, whilst we continue to source certified PPE for frontline workers.


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