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Plastic-Free PPE is finally here.

EcoTextura is proud to announce the release of its PPE range that is made from 100% bio-based material, 100% biodegradable and 100% medical-grade approved. Whether the used PPE is sent to a composting facility (wahoo!), thrown away to landfill or incinerated, you can be assured that the materials are renewable and no harmful microplastics or toxic particles will leach into the environment. 


Due to the challenging circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic and the early PPE shortage, it has been a duty for EcoTextura to use its resources to design and manufacture high-quality PPE items for healthcare professionals in need.

While the PPE we have supplied are inclusive in design, and manufactured using the most energy and resource saving methods, they are often made from virgin-plastics.

The good news is that we are phasing out the use of plastic in all our products, and replacing these with non-petroleum based alternatives to finally have a PPE range that is plastic-free but meets all medical-grade standards. 

Choose the sustainable choice, today.

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