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Labour Standards Policy 


Last revised: January 2023

EcoTextura Ltd (the Company) is a supplier of proprietary, sustainable & inclusive design PPE as well as fabrics for the medical industry, and has its main office in Milton Keynes, UK. The Company acknowledges its obligations towards its employees, stakeholders and the communities in which it works, and has outlined below its policy in relation to labour standards. At EcoTextura Ltd., we are committed to upholding and promoting the highest labour standards for all our employees. This Labour Standards Policy serves as a formal declaration of our principles and commitment to ensuring fair treatment, respecting human rights, and providing a safe and inclusive work environment. It covers key working conditions and complies with relevant national and international legislation.

This policy is relevant to the Company itself, our contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, freelancers, members of the public and other parties engaged with the Company's business.


The Company has identified the following compelling reasons to establish a comprehensive system of minimum labour standards to guide its business operations:

1. Ethical Responsibilities - the Company acknowledges its obligations towards its employees, stakeholders and the communities in which we work and operate. The Company wishes to carry out work and to do business in an ethical fashion.

2. Adverse Publicity and Damage to the Company’s Reputation – adverse publicity from the discovery of poor labour standards within the Company’s business operations presents reputational and structural risks to the Company not only in terms of revenue, but also in respect of staff recruitment and retention. Poor labour standards can also lead to a loss of trust and confidence with suppliers and also within the wider community. The Company therefore wants to do what is right and be seen to do what is right.

3. Reduced Quality of Service – the Company recognises that there is commonly a link between poor labour standards and poor quality of services. To this end, it is in the interest of the Company to ensure that the Company reaches and exceeds minimum labour standards requirements at all times.

To help identify a defined set of minimum labour standards and principles, the Company has referred to the following:

Human Rights Act 1998.

These minimum labour standards are:

1. Child Labour – the Company does not and will not engage in or support the use of child labour. If the Company engages any young workers (e.g. on work experience), it will ensure that a suitable risk assessment is carried out and that young persons are not exposed to any hazardous conditions, or in any case work more than 8 hours per day. We strictly adhere to applicable laws and regulations concerning the minimum age requirement for employment. We do not employ children or young people below the legally permitted age for work. Additionally, we ensure that any work assigned to young employees is appropriate for their age and does not interfere with their education or harm their safety, health, or overall development. EcoTextura Ltd Labour Standards Policy prohibits the following areas: Armed conflict, forced and bonded labour, prostitution, drug trafficking, procurement of children for illicit activity and the use of children in dangerous work.


2. Fair Treatment and Basic Freedoms - We believe in treating all employees with dignity, respect, and fairness. We are committed to upholding the basic freedoms of our employees, including the right to freedom of association, freedom of expression, and freedom from discrimination or harassment.

3. Compensation and Terms of Work - We ensure that our employees receive fair and competitive compensation for their work, including wages, benefits, and other remuneration as required by law and industry standards. We adhere to all applicable laws regarding minimum wage, overtime, and working hours.

4. Forced or Compulsory Labour – the Company shall not engage in or support the use of forced or compulsory labour, or bonded or involuntary prison labour. Employees are free to leave after providing reasonable notice in line with their individual contracts of employment. We do not engage in or tolerate practices such as forced overtime, the retention of identity documents, or any interference with personal liberty.

5. Human Rights - We uphold and protect the fundamental human rights of our employees as enshrined in the relevant legislation and international standards. We respect the right to a private life, freedom of religion, and prohibit any form of discrimination based on characteristics such as age, race, sex, or any other protected characteristic.

6. Working Conditions, and Health and Safety – the Company shall provide a safe and healthy workplace environment and shall take effective steps to prevent potential accidents and injuries to employee's health by minimising, so far as is reasonably practicable, and in co-operation with its employees, workers and other members of staff, the causes of hazards inherent in the workplace. We provide a safe and healthy working environment, free from hazards and risks. We comply with all relevant health and safety regulations and strive for continuous improvement in our safety practices. We also respect the maximum daily and weekly working hours, including mandatory days off and annual paid leave, as mandated by law. All employees will receive safety and job specific health and safety instructions during the course of their employment with the Company. Employees shall have access to clean sanitary facilities and drinking water.


7. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining - We recognize and respect the right of our employees to join and form trade unions or other associations of their choosing. We support collective bargaining and encourage open dialogue between management and employee representatives to negotiate fair and mutually beneficial working conditions.


8. Discrimination – the Company shall not engage in or support any discriminatory practices in recruitment, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on gender (including gender reassignment), marital status, family status, religious belief, disability, age, racial grounds (race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin, including membership of the traveller community), sexual orientation or other conditions that could give rise to discrimination. We prohibit any form of discrimination or harassment and promote a work environment that is free from bias and prejudice. The Company has in place an Equal Opportunities Policy and a Dignity at Work Policy both of which are provided to all new employees at induction.

9. Disciplinary Practices – the Company shall treat all employees and members of staff with dignity and respect. The Company shall not engage in or tolerate the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, harassment, intimidation or verbal abuse of personnel. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed and the Company shall ensure that no disciplinary procedure is operated except as per the Company's Disciplinary Policies.


10. Working Hours – the Company shall comply with applicable laws and industry standards on working hours and holiday entitlements. The Company’s normal working hours do not exceed 48 hours per week, and overtime hours do not exceed 12 hours per week, with the relevant periods of rest similarly observed. The Company ensures that all employees have the legal right to be employed in the UK or the Republic of Ireland (as appropriate). EcoTextura Ltd’s Labour Standards Policy covers, but is not limited to the following areas regarding working hours: Compliance with law and regulation, Maximum of 48 hours working week, Maximum of 8 hours working day, Minimum of 24 hours rest per week and Maximum overtime of 12 hours per week.


11. Remuneration - the Company shall comply with national laws and regulations with regard to wages and benefits. All work-related activities are carried out on the basis of a recognised employment relationship established according to national law and practice. We believe in fair and equitable compensation for our employees. We provide wages and benefits that meet or exceed legal requirements and industry standards. This includes paid sick days, family and medical leave, and appropriate compensation for overtime work. All members of staff are remunerated in a way which is in excess of the national minimum wage in the UK or the Republic of Ireland as is appropriate. The Company also commits to:

• Compliance with relevant legal and other requirements to which the Company subscribes;

• Ensuring that all our key contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers are aware of this policy; and

• Making available sufficient resources for the implementation of this policy.


12. Equal Pay - We are committed to ensuring equal pay for equal work. We adhere to the principles of the Equality Act 2010, which prohibits gender-based pay discrimination. Men and women in the same employment who perform equal work receive equal pay, including all contractual terms and conditions.


13. Grievance Reporting - We maintain an open and transparent environment where employees can raise concerns, grievances, or suggestions related to working conditions. We have established formal reporting processes to ensure that all concerns are heard, thoroughly investigated, and addressed promptly and confidentially.



The Company commits to periodically reviewing this policy in order to continually improve labour standards within the workplace. The Company shall take into consideration: changes in legislation, legal advice as necessary and any other requirements to which the Company subscribes, to ensure the adequacy, suitability and continuing effectiveness of this policy. The Company will make this policy available to its employees in the first instance, and also to all contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.

Implementation and Communication

To ensure effective implementation of this policy, we will:

• Communicate this policy to all employees, making it readily accessible and providing the necessary training and guidance.

• Monitor compliance with labour standards, addressing any deviations promptly and taking appropriate corrective actions.

• Encourage dialogue and engagement with employees, trade unions, and other stakeholders to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

• Regularly assess and update our policies, practices, and procedures to reflect changes in legislation, industry standards, and societal expectations.

• Provide channels for employees to report any concerns or violations of this policy without fear of retaliation.


By adhering to these labour standards, we aim to create a positive work environment that upholds the rights and well-being of our employees, fosters respect, and contributes to the sustainable development of our organization.



Printed and Signed, 

Radhika Srinivasan

Radhika Srinivasan

Managing Director, EcoTextura Ltd


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