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19 Nov 2020





Masks become barrier to learning for hearing-impaired students in the UK 

Face masks have made life difficult for deaf children in the UK, as they cannot lip-read what their teachers and friends are saying. Experts have warned that deaf pupils will suffer academically without urgent action to provide more support and adjustments. Benji Hyer reports.

The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE)  -  ITV
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16 Dec 2020





The Only Way is Essexmas 


EcoTextura reusable clear masks were donned by cast and crew members of popular UK reality TV show, TOWIE. 

Whilst clear masks offer fantastic communication via lip-reading, the clear panel is also a great way to show off your lovely lips!

Slow Conversations Podcast

Nov 2020






Finding Environmentally-conscious solutions to medical PPE 

For our fourth episode, we were able to speak with Radhika Srinivasan, the founder of EcoTextura, an environmentally-conscious medical personal protective equipment supplier. Given the global coronavirus pandemic and the need for PPE like face masks, EcoTextura could not be a more timely business. Tune in to learn about how EcoTextura fights PPE waste and how they are helping healthcare professionals here in the UK by supplying PPE during the pandemic.

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Startup Recon - Interview

21 Oct 2020


Startup Founder Interview: #20 - Radhika Srinivasan @ EcoTextura (2020) 

We met with startup founder Radhika Srinivasan, CEO and Founder of EcoTextura, a UK-based medtech company specialising in sustainable PPE for hospital-grade applications. PPE used in the protections that medical personnel wear is of course a hot topic given the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on the global healthcare supply chain.

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Live Consulting - Interview

6 Oct 2020


Live  Consulting: EcoTextura a PPE startup

Join us with experts Ben and Steven, as we discuss the tasks involved in navigating a fast-paced and innovative PPE startup.

Cleopatras Worldwide - Interview

26 Jun 2020

A Conversation with Radhika Srinivasan, the founder of Sustainable PPE Company, EcoTextura

As tonnes of PPE continue to be air-freighted into Britain to combat the coronavirus pandemic, our thoughts of organic, plastic-free lives have been overturned by the need for disposable medical equipment. Cleopatras caught up with Radhika Srinivasan on how she made the leap of faith to found an environmentally friendly PPE company, her inspiration and her advice to young entrepreneurs. 

Citizen, Milton Keynes News - Interview

30 Mar 2020

Young graduate makes stacks of free protective masks for carers and vulnerable people in Milton Keynes

A young university graduate who set up her own eco-friendly textile company is working flat out from her family home to make free reusable cotton masks for care homes, vulnerable people and carers all over Milton Keynes.


UCLE VC fund winners 2017

Winners of non-equity seed capital for sustainable PPE products and materials pitch. Each year, UCLe receive over 60 applications, analyse their business plans, and interview them to assess their potential. The best startups are then invited to pitch their ideas at our final round events, where we invite a panel of expert judges.

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