One of the first and only CE Certified Clear-Panel Single-Use Medical Masks. Provides comparative protection to Type IIR medical masks and are tested to EN14683 standards.


We currently supply to numerous NHS Trusts, private medical facilities, care homes, emergency services, schools, universities, local councils, charities and NGOs across the nation.


  Only £1.68/mask - the most affordable disposable clear mask in comparison to our competitors  


Available in Standard, Small & Large sizes 


Clear panel masks have now reached the mainstream; they are increasingly worn in schools, offices, shops, and transport, as they make communication significantly easier.


For those who are deaf and hard of hearing, clear masks are a must as many struggle processing verbal conversations and rely on lip-reading as a form of communication. Wearing clear-panel masks not only keeps you protected (more effectively than a face-shield), but will allow effective lip-reading communication for all.


We want to help make mask-wearing accessible and less stressful for patients with dementia, learning difficulties, hearing impairments and those that take care of them.


  • Our masks are 3-ply; made from durable and fluid resistant nonwoven layers with an anti-fog clear panel
  • CE Certified
  • Latex-free
  • Breathable
  • The flexible design helps our masks form-fit around a larger range of face sizes and shapes
  • Soft elastic binding ensures a closed fit around the nose and mouth
  • Our clear face masks have passed testing for EN14683 (equivalent to Type IIR standards for bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), biocompatibility, bioburden, breathability (differential pressure) and splash resistance
  • Are ideal for hospital settings and have been tested to a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of >98%
  • Our unique mask structure allows for effortless lip-reading communication without the mouth area touching the panel
  • Includes adjustable nose clip for a secure fit
  • Masks have elasticated earloops for comfortable wear
  • Masks are now available in Standard, Small and Large sizes
  • Clear-panel masks are individually sealed and packed in sets of 25pcs
  • Masks are single-use - when disposed of correctly, can reduce the spread of infections


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Clear Panel Medical Mask - Box of 25pcs (EN14683 Type IIR equivalent)

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