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Plant-based PPE and sustainable protective wear

is here. 

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Why is PPE so cheap?

Because it's subsidised by the environment. 

This is why it hasn't worked

The EcoTextura way

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or ...


CO2 Overload

Traditional PPE emits massive CO2 due to its virgin plastic origins. It's a major contributor to climate change.

Linear Waste

Conventional PPE follows a wasteful, linear pattern. It's made from finite resources, rarely recyclable, and ends up incinerated, releasing even more CO2.

Circular Brilliance

We've reimagined PPE. We commonly use PLA and bio-fibers which are renewable, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and cutting emissions; and where plastic is needed, we opt for recycled and recyclable plastic.

Earth-Friendly Farewell

Our PPE is either compostable or recyclable after use. No landfill problem. Even if incinerated, our products emit 30-80% less CO2 than traditional plastic PPE cradle to gate.

Cheap PPE isn't cheap for the environment.

With EcoTextura you can protect yourself and the planet. 

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The Ecoverse

We prioritize sustainability in all our products and supply chains

Compare our environmental impact to traditional plastic PPE below

Hover over each product for its detailed eco-profile

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Eco-Wipe Medical Pillow made from
Recycled Plastic 

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EcoTextura Masks product photos_edited.jpg

Composto-Hair net
+ Reusable Eco-Caps

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EcoTextura Masks product photos_edited.jpg

Composto-IIR Surgical Mask

  • These figures are very approximate and can vary depending on specific materials, manufacturing processes, and location of facilities.

  • Water usage considers water used across the entire lifecycle, including material processing, manufacturing, and potential end-of-life recycling processes (if applicable).

  • Energy use considers energy used in material processing and manufacturing.

  • Waste produced considers waste generated during manufacturing and disposal (assuming landfill for virgin plastic pillow).

 Product Development
+ Recycling/composting services


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