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The environmentally-conscious and affordable solution to medical PPE

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The environmentally-conscious and affordable solution to medical PPE and hygiene products. 


EcoTextura is revolutionising the PPE and hygiene industry.

We develop and produce our proprietary, forward-thinking and sustainable medical personal protective equipment (PPE), whilst using our vast network of trusted OEMs to supply high-quality, existing PPE products.

This includes masks, hair caps, gowns, shoe covers, wash gloves etc. Our mission is to accelerate the transition from the current, linear model of medical accessories - we produce, we dispose, we repeat; depleting our resources and harming the environment a more sustainable model.  We aim to produce efficiently, using minimal amounts of raw materials, water and energy, and consider the circular economy at the heart of our design. 


Due to the current COVID-19  pandemic we have shifted our priority to providing existing infection control and PPE equipment for healthcare professionals. ​Through reputable ties direct to manufacturers, we cut out the agents in between and deal directly to provide certified Nitrile Gloves; Gowns, KN95 masks etc. We have been fulfilling multiple contracts across Corporates, Government, the NHS, and NGO's. We actively discourage price gouging, especially during such challenging times, and will only offer affordable, accessible and competitive pricing for all of our clients.


We are committed to finding ways to help our local communities. Over the past few months we have built a team to produce and distribute FREE clean, home-made reusable 3-ply cotton/poly-cotton face masks for carers, the elderly, and vulnerable people in our local area (Milton Keynes) - see news coverage hereWe hope that this reduces the considerable strain on the over-burdened NHS supply, whilst we continue to source certified PPE for frontline workers.


We have successfully distributed over

1000 reusable masks for FREE!

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Our COVID-19 Response


£1 = 1 mask donated 

Alternatively, follow the link

How it works ... 

It's simple! For each £1 donated we can source enough materials to make a reusable mask, and deliver it to those who need it most. All donations go to towards buying mask-making materials and supporting the small, local businesses who supply us.


Join the Mask Force


We have made and donated over


reusable face masks!

Our donated face-coverings have been used by local* medical centres, care-homes, the vulnerable, elderly and carers. 

We are incredibly thankful to all the local tailors/seamstresses, delivery drivers and those who donated funds and fabric to us these past months - Your selfless actions have helped hundreds.

We are currently fulfilling our final local orders for donation. Whilst in the past we have coordinated this ourselves, there are now fantastic, national organisations which will help you distribute your homemade masks/face-covering to those who need it. (See below)


*Primarily Milton Keynes & Buckinghamshire 

 5 ways to help - 

1. Join the Facebook Group - Mask Makers UK


2. Register on Make Masks 2020 - as a maker or other helper, and those needing fabric masks, scrubs, scrub bags, etc.  can find you and ask - or vice versa! 


3. Register yourself as a maker on -



4. View our pleated mask making tutorial & download our free mask pattern ->


5. Donate - we will still continue to complete smaller orders!

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